Redland Ultrasonic Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Redland Ultrasonic Cleaner (1 Gallon)


  • All Purpose Cleaner Used to Clean Instruments, Burs, Slabs, Handpieces, Metal Parts, Gold and Porcelain Work
  • Mix 1 Part Solution to 10 Parts Water
  • Non-Ammoniated Cleaning Solution Liquid Formula
  • Anti-Corrosive Additives to Safely and Thoroughly Clean Instruments Prior to Sterilization
  • Package contents: 1 Gallon, REDLAND Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Redland Dental Products All purpose Ultrasonic Cleaner used to clean instruments, burs, slabs, handpieces, metal parts, gold and porcelain work. Mix 1 part solution to 10 parts water. Place item in solution not to exceed 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Non-Ammoniated cleaning solution liquid formula employs surfactants and anti-corrosive additives to safely and thoroughly clean instruments prior to sterilization.


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