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    Lidocaine 2% Cooke-Waite

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    This versatile, widely applicable injection delivers local anesthesia of intermediate duration. Lidocaine is now packaged in easily stackable boxes. Convenient blister packs protect ampoules from light and air. Reactions to Lidocaine and epinephrine are characteristic of those associated with other amide-type local drugs. Please see brief description of prescribing information on the next page. Lidocaine is part of the complete line of Cook-Waite products – the brand dental professionals have relied on for more than 60 years. And remember: all Cook-Waite products are backed by the name you trust for quality, consistency and support.

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    OraVerse Septodont


    In clinical trials, the most common adverse events with OraVerse (phentolamine mesylate) vs. control were post procedural pain (6% vs. 6%), injection site pain (5% vs. 4%), tachycardia (5% vs. 6%), bradycardia (2% vs. 0.3%) and headache (3% vs. 4%). Following parenteral use of phentolamine in non-dental indications, myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular spasm and occlusion have been reported, usually in association with marked hypotensive episodes producing shock-like states. Although such effects are uncommon with OraVerse, clinicians should be alert to the signs and symptoms of tachycardia and cardiac arrhythmias, particularly in patients with a history of cardiovascular disease, as these symptoms may occur with the use of phentolamine or other alpha-adrenergic blocking agents.

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    Orabloc 4% Articaine w/ EPI Pierrel


    Articaine hydrochloride 4% and epinephrine 1:100,000 Injection 1.8ml cartridges. Orabloc is the only aseptically manufactured articaine in the U.S.

  • PureWay ECO II Amalgam Separator

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    Why the ECO II Amalgam Separator? The ECO II Amalgam Separator was engineered to be elegant, effective and simple. As the leading amalgam separator in Europe after 15 years of popularity there, the ECO II has recently taken the American market by storm as well. The ECO II is known for its compact, easy-to-use design that is ideal for dental offices requiring amalgam separation.

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Latest Products

  • Master-Dent RC Lube Root Canal Prep Cream (12g Syringe)

    Master-Dent RC Lube is an effective, water soluble, viscous solution for lubricating root canal preparations, allowing efficient movement of reamers and files, rapid cleansing and deeper penetration of medicaments during root canal preparation.

  • Prime-Dent Dental Root Canal Cream Endodontic Prep (2 x 9g Syringe Kit)

    RC-Cream – Root Canal Preparation Cream, Syringe Kit: 2 – 9 Gm. Syringes. For Chemo-Mechanical Preparation. RC-Cream is a unique formulation of glycol, urea peroxide and EDTA in a special water-soluble base for preparation of root canals. Provides rapid cleansing and deeper penetration of root canal medications.

    RC-Cream is a gel for chemical mechanical expansion of channels based on 15% EDTA and 10% peroxide, which not only facilitates the dentist’s cleaning and root canal formation, but also releases an active oxygen atom, showing an improved antibacterial effect and promotes bleaching of the root wall channel.

  • Prime-Dent Resin Based Nano Hybrid Visible Light Cure Composite

    This resin composite with unique nanofiller technology. Formulated with nanocluster filler particles, the composite is purported to combine the strength of a hybrid and the polish of a microfil. Nanomers are discrete nanogglomerated particles of 7 nm in size. Nanocluters are loosely bound agglomerates of nano-sized particles. The agglomerates act as a single combination of non-agglomerated 7 nm nanosilica filler and aggregated schott glass/silica nanocluster filler. The cluster particle size range is .7 microns. The filler loading is 74% by weight. This reportedly provides increased filler loading, better physical properties and improved polish retention when compared to composites containing only nanoclusters.


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