SDI GS-80 Amalgam 1 SPILL (500 x 400mg Capsules)

SDI GS-80 Amalgam 1 SPILL (500 x 400mg Capsules)

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Economical, non-gamma 2, admix alloy

The technically advanced, non-gamma 2 admix amalgam at an affordable price.

GS-80’s high strength and positive dimensional change ensures longevity and patient satisfaction.

Over 200 million successful GS-80 restorations have been placed since its release worldwide in 1986.

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  • GS-80’s high compressive strength minimizes the risk of fracturing the restoration. High compressive strength ensures a tough and durable long lasting restoration.
  • GS-80’s consistent mix, ease of loading, placement in preparations, condensability, burnishability, quality of interproximal contact, carvability, and setting characteristics ensure the final restorations meet the needs of the operator.
  • GS-80’s positive dimensional change ensures excellent sealing qualities at the margins. Negative values can contribute to post operative sensitivity.
  • The working and setting times allow large restorations to be condensed and carved without difficulty.
  • The dual voltage Ultramat 2 with a high precision microprocessor controlled timer provides consistent and accurate trituration, ensuring the optimal handling and clinical characteristics of mixed materials.
  • The SDI capsule system is designed to give consistent and accurate mixes every mix.

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Regular Set (SDI-4421303), Fast Set (SDI-4421202)