• GC America Labolight DUO LED Dual Mode Light Curing Unit

    Labolight DUO cures all light-cured dental composite resin material (i.e. GRADIA® gum shades, OPTIGLAZE™ Color and OPTIGLAZE™) using new LED Technology that provides high energy efficiency on polymerization work. With lights from all directions, the Labolight DUO reduces curing time on coating material (and even makes it harder). The LED Technology provides less operating cost and no need to change bulbs. Saves work space by adapting 2 functions into 1 unit.

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  • Plasdent Pre Bent Needle Tips (100PCS)


    Plasdent Pre Bent Needle Tips.

  • Prime-Dent Chemical Self Cure Composite Resin Kit (1.5gm/1.5gm w/ Bonding)

    A highly filled, non-sticky, self-curing hybrid anterior/posterior composite filling material. It is a convenient universal shade, paste/paste system. The restorative has high strength (270 MPS compressive) with low water sorption and solubility. The material can be condensed into the cavity preparation up to enamel-dentinal joint as a base layer or be filled to the cavo-surface margin for a complete self-cure composite restoration. Quick setting eliminates time spent with incremental placement of light cure materials.

  • Prime-Dent Resin Based Nano Hybrid Visible Light Cure Composite

    This resin composite with unique nanofiller technology. Formulated with nanocluster filler particles, the composite is purported to combine the strength of a hybrid and the polish of a microfil. Nanomers are discrete nanogglomerated particles of 7 nm in size. Nanocluters are loosely bound agglomerates of nano-sized particles. The agglomerates act as a single combination of non-agglomerated 7 nm nanosilica filler and aggregated schott glass/silica nanocluster filler. The cluster particle size range is .7 microns. The filler loading is 74% by weight. This reportedly provides increased filler loading, better physical properties and improved polish retention when compared to composites containing only nanoclusters.

  • Hexa Flowable Composite Light Cure Low Viscosity 4x 2g Syringe + 20 Bent Tips

    Follow usual procedures for Tooth preparation. Exposed Dentin Enamel must be protected by a Calcium Hydroxide preparation. Glass Ionomer or another suitable base can be used to make Impressions or Temporary Restorations. Light Cure & Low Viscosity.

  • Prime-Dent Flowable Light Cure Dental Composite 4 Syringe Kit


    Ideal for repairing small defects and filling in cervical gaps caused by toothbrush erosion and receding gums. Also used to eliminate undercuts prior to taking impressions for composite inlays and to line cavities and fill in difficult access areas prior to placing condensable composites. Easy to polish to a high luster. Has high compressive strength as well as low shrinkage and resists wear and staining. Radiopaque for easy identification in radiographs. Long shelf life when properly stored.

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  • Vericom DenFil Micro Dental Hybrid Composite Capsule Package


    DenFil is a light-cured restorative micro hybrid composite resin for use in both Posterior and Anterior restorations. It is designed for minimizing polymerization shrinkage by inorganic fillers high loading, thus DenFil has excellent marginal sealing and surface texture.

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  • Shofu Beautifil Flow Plus F00 Restorative Material


    Beautifil Flow Plus is the next step in the evolution of of restorative materials, combining the delivery of a flowable and the strenght, durability, and aesthetics equal to or better than leading hybrid composites. Beautifil Flow Plus is approved for every classification – including the occlusal surface and proximal margins. With improved handling, stackability, and a non-sticky consistency, posterior restorations have never been easier. Moreover, the ability of Beautifil Flow Plus to release and recharge fluoride and resistance to bacterial colonization makes it ideal for patients with a high caries index, or as a glass ionomer alternative.

  • Kulzer Venus White Pro Kit (16 – 35%)


    Venus White Pro Take-Home Whitening is a high performance, take-home teeth whitening gel. Mint flavored and containing potassium nitrate to help decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching, it works gently and quickly to reveal a more beautiful and dazzling smile up to 8 full shades whiter.

  • Prime-Dent Light Cure Hybrid Resin Composite Kit

    A Light cured resin based composite used for all types of cavity preparations. An ideal choice for both anterior and posterior applications. Easy to mold, sculpt, and polish to a high luster. Has high compressive strength as well as low shrinkage and resists wet and staining. Radiopaque for easy identifications in radiographs.

  • Prime-Dent Light Cure Adhesive Bonding Resin System (4 x 5g Syringe)

    A unique light cure composite resin system for bonding plastic, metal or porcelain orthodontic brackets to etched enamel. There is no mixing required. Highly filled paste features a tacky viscosity that flows well and eliminates bracket flotation. Light cure bonding resin/paste system sets on demand, giving the clinician complete control.

    The primer also helps to seal the etched enamel. Cohesive strength of the adhesive is stronger than the bond to the tooth. Allowing for one-piece removal after orthodontic treatment with no enamel scarring.

  • Kulzer Venus White Max Kit


    Venus White Max is an in-office bleaching treatment consisting of a 38% hydrogen peroxide gel applied in three or four 15-minute sessions. Venus White Max offers syringe-to-syringe mixing which chemically activates the product and ensures a thorough mix. It contains potassium nitrate to help minimize sensitivity associated with the bleaching process.