• Carbocaine 3% Plain Cooke-Waite

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    Carbocaine 3% (mepivacaine hydrochloride injection, USP) without vasoconstrictor Carbocaine is indicated for production of local anesthesia for dental procedures by infiltration or nerve block in adults and pediatric patients. Carbocaine is part of the complete line of Cook-Waite Dental Anesthetics - the brand dental professionals have relied on for over 60 years.
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  • Certol ProTector Needle Sheath Prop


    ProTector Needle Sheath Prop is a disposable needle recapping device that can be used to safely uncap and recap needles using a one-handed technique. ProTector Needle Sheath Props facilitate OSHA requirements.
  • Cetylite Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid


    For over 50 years, Cetacaine has been trusted by dentists and hygienists to deliver effective and rapid pain control where it is needed, and can help put nervous patients at ease.
  • Covidien Monoject Dental Needles

    Sterile, disposable. Rigid autoclavable polypropylene hard pack. Tamper-evident heat stake. Self-threading, self aligning universal fit hub design. Ultra sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring lancet point. Anti-coring butt end point design. Packaged in an easy-open, low profile dispensing box.
  • DMG America Kolorz Topical Anesthetic Gel

    Maximum strength 20% Benzocaine formula with no bitter aftertaste. Quick-onset Kolorz Topical Anesthetic Gel Mint provide fast pain relief for periodontal curettage and other procedures. Choose from 5 great-tasting Kolorz flavors!
  • Gingi-Pak Gingicaine Gel Topical Anesthetic

    No other topical anesthetic is available in as many great-tasting, patient-friendly flavors as Gingicaine®. It’s proven safe and effective 20% benzocaine formulation delivers quick onset (15 – 30 seconds) and virtually eliminates wasted “down time” during procedures.
  • -5%

    Gingi-Pak Gingicaine Topical Syringe

    • 20% Benzocaine formula
    • Fast 15 second onset for safe and effective pain relief.
    • Strawberry flavor preferred by the patients which doesn’t leave a medicinal aftertaste.
    • Perfect control for local anesthetics.
    $20.95 $19.95
  • Hu-Friedy Aspirating Syringe


    Aspirating Syringe is a hypodermic syringe used to inject local anesthetics, especially in dentistry. Before administration of a local anesthetic at the desired location, the operator applies negative pressure checking for blood in the syringe. This ensures that the anesthetic solution will not be deposited in a blood vessel.
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  • -4%

    J. Morita CaineTips Topical Anesthetic

    CaineTips™ offer easy to use, topical pain relief in single dose packaging. CaineTips consist of individually wrapped, disposable swabs pre-filled with a 20% Benzocaine solution for intraoral applications. CaineTips are ideal for pain relief during dental and hygiene procedures. They are also an excellent source of relief for ulcers, wounds and other minor mouth irritations. CaineTips are available in a delicious cherry flavor.
    $27.95 $26.95
  • J. Morita Disposable Dental Needles

    Morita’s disposable dental needles are designed for luer-lock and screw-on type syringes. These needles feature an indicator dot on the hub to ensure easy identification of the lancet bevel position for less insertion pain at the injection site. The containers are color-coded for easy identification. Universal plastic hub fits most syringe types.
  • Kulzer Citoject Intraligamental Syringe


    SOPIRA Citoject syringe – For intraligamentary anaesthesia (ILA) injections with pinpoint precision. SOPIRA Citoject makes intraligamentary injections even easier for you and more comfortable for your patients – an outstanding innovative design available in stainless steel or light alloy.
  • Lidocaine 2% Cooke-Waite


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    This versatile, widely applicable injection delivers local anesthesia of intermediate duration. Lidocaine is now packaged in easily stackable boxes. Convenient blister packs protect ampoules from light and air. Reactions to Lidocaine and epinephrine are characteristic of those associated with other amide-type local drugs. Please see brief description of prescribing information on the next page. Lidocaine is part of the complete line of Cook-Waite products – the brand dental professionals have relied on for more than 60 years. And remember: all Cook-Waite products are backed by the name you trust for quality, consistency and support.
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  • -4%

    Lidocaine Topical Ointment 5% Septodont (Mint)

    Topical analgesia of oral mucosa before anesthetic injection.
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  • Lignospan 2% Septodont


    Lignospan when used for infiltration will have an average onset time of less than two minutes and a duration of about 60 minutes. When used for nerve blocks the average onset time is 2 to 4 minutes and will provide about 90 minutes of pulpal anesthesia.
  • Marcaine 0.5% w/ EPI Cooke-Waite

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    Marcaine 0.5% with epinephrine 1:200,000 injection (as bitartrate) (bupivacaine hydrochloride and epinephrine injection, USP) For longer dental procedures such as extractions and endodontic treatment, Cook-Waite Marcaine can deliver anesthesia of up to seven hours. With an average onset of only two to ten minutes, Marcaine can be administered to adult patients only, via injection or nerve block.
    $79.95 $66.95