Premier Integrapost Refill

Premier Integrapost Refill


IntegraPost features an innovative round flow-through head to optimize composite core materials and a parallel passive design that creates an adhesive buffer zone. The IntegraPost system conserves tooth structure and minimizes stress. Made from bio-compatible titanium alloy, IntegraPost is stronger than resin fiber yet more elastic than stainless steel. The passive design minimizes stress points on the root, reducing the potential for fracture. IntegraDrills are uniquely sized in relation to post diameter permitting 2.5x more cement into post space than similar passive post systems.

IntegraPost was awarded four stars by Reality in 2008, and four-and-a-half stars by the Dental Advisor!


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Features & Benefits:

  •  Light-transmitting; radiopaque
  •  User-friendly; easy handling
  •  Six post sizes
  •  Minimizes stress
  •  Innovative design; zirconia-rich glass fibers
  •  Non-streaded, parallel shank
  • Pre-sandblasted

Includes: Premier Integrapost Refill


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Integrapost Refill #3 3001105, Integrapost Refill #4 3001110, Integrapost Refill #4.5 3001115, Integrapost Refill #4.5l 3001120, Integrapost Refill #5 3001125, Integrapost Refill #6 3001130

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