Kulzer AGFA Dentus M2 Comfort Intraoral Film


Kulzer AGFA Dentus M2 Comfort Intraoral Film


Agfa Dentus M2 Comfort is a supersensitive intra oral film in the Softopac with particularly high image quality and very low radiation dose requirement.


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The Agfa Dentus M2 Comfort is compatible with all customary X-ray units. It can be photo-chemically processed with all standard X-ray film chemicals manually, or by machine. When changing to M2 Comfort no additional acceptance test (in accordance with X-ray ordinances) is necessary. Agfa Dentus D, E and E/F fi lms are not only safe but are also comfortable for the patients due.

  • Easy diagnosis due to high contrast and high maximum density (well visible grey graduations)
  • Prevention of camera shakes due to short operation times
  • Softopac with soft fi lm edges
  • Extra soft plastic, saliva resistant and easily disinfected
  • Primary packaging guarantees safe handling even in the darkroom
  • Universal processing indication
  • Long storage life: archiving ensured for up to 30 years
  • Low base misting/fog value


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SINGLE FILM SZ 2 150/bx M2-58, DOUBLE FILM SZ 2 150/bx M2-57, SINGLE FILM SZ 0 100/bx M2-54

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