GC America Crown & Core Build-Up Miracle Mix Complete Kit


GC America Crown & Core Build-Up Miracle Mix Complete Kit

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Miracle Mix by GC America is a crown and core build-up material that utilizes a unique, metal-reinforced formula of glass ionomer cement with 100% fine silver alloy powder. This composition makes Miracle Mix a reliable core material for long-lasting build-ups, block-outs, and repairs. Its strong direct bond eliminates the need for undercuts, while the fluoride release reduces the risk for secondary decay.

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  • Chemically bonds to tooth structure, dentin, enamel, metal pins, posts, to itself and other glass ionomer material improved retention and added strength.
  • High compressive strength
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion almost equal to dentin – marginal seal can be maintained
  • Does not flow, creep or expand after setting – maintains dimensional stability of crown preparation
  • Different look and feel than dentin – easily distinguishable from tooth structure
  • Excellent thermal, chemical and electrical insulator – minimizes irritation to tooth
  • 100% fine silver alloy powder is totally encapsulated within the glass ionomer material – no odor, no metallic taste, no silver migration or Galvanic corrosive decalcification and will not stain tooth black or gray
  • Rapid set time with adequate work time – ready to finish in 5-7 minutes from start to finish

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