Phosphor Plate Scanner Systems

  • Apixia Phosphor Plates 4/Pack


    Apixia’s Phosphor Imaging Plates are a digital imaging system that reads the X-Ray on a phosphor imaging plate and sends the image to your computer. These plates are as thin as a business card and are wireless. These plates feature rich images of diagnostic quality that are available in seconds and operate in normal room lighting – eliminating need for a dark room. Pack of 4.

  • Apixia Digital Scanner w/ Phosphor Plate PSP


    • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • 12 x Size #2 Phosphor Plates
    • 500 x Size #2 Covers

    Phosphor plates have ALL the benefits of traditional X-ray film with the immediacy and environmental benefits of digital radiography. There is no more need for hazardous and costly film processing chemicals with the Apixia PSP Scanner. After a quick scan of exposed plates, high resolution images are ready to be stored, emailed, and printed at the touch of a button.