Bite Registration

  • Hexa Bite Registration Material Fast Set (2 x 50ml Cartridges + 6 Mixing Tips)

    Bite registration materials with elastomeric properties and easy handling, accurate results thanks to the high final hardness of the material.

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    Defend Bite Registration Material Fast Set [1 Box (2x 50mL Cartirdges)]


    Bite Registration Material. Mousse-like and Thixotropic, fluffy vinyl polysiloxane material. Used for bite registration, copying transfers, and primary impression with bite trays. Thixotropic material has an excellent durometer of over 80 and flows easily, yet will not run or sag.

    $24.95 $22.95
  • Coltene Jet Blue Bite Prosthetics Bite Registration


    Exceptional Handling, even faster setting and high end hardness ease daily work.

    Jet Blue Bite bite registration material flows with a smooth whipped-cream consistency exactly where you want it in a predictable quantity and ideal ribbon pattern. It offers a fast oral setting-time and sets rock hard for greater accuracy but is still flexible enough for easy trimming or cutting. The superior handling characteristics are the key for a perfect occlusal fit on the first try.

  • Kulzer Flexitime Bite


    Flexitime Bite is a scannable bite registration material that is suitable for both universal bite registration and also for powder-free optical data recording of the antagonists for CAD/CAM technology, e.g. for fabrication of all-ceramic restorations.

  • Coltene Jet Bite Prosthetics Bite Registration


    Perfect Bite registration – without occlusal adjustments. Jet Bite gives the perfect occlusal fit on the first try. The patient bites down naturally every time because of Jet Bite fast’s fluffy, mousse-like consistency. There is no need for time-consuming adjustments. Jet Bite flows smoothly – sets rock hard.

  • DentSply Aquasil Ultra Heavy, LV, Rigid, Monophase (Reg & Fast Set)


    You deserve an impression material that performs well in every case, not just the ideal case. Now you have it.

    Introducing Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting Impression Material with state-of-the-art intraoral hydrophilicity and intraoral tear strength. For better-than-ever results, we’ve optimized Aquasil Ultra+ clinical performance across all areas, not just one. We measure success intraorally, where it matters most so with Aquasil Ultra+ impression material, you don’t have to choose between wettability, tear strength, speed, and delivery.

    $119.95 $99.95