Medicaments & Canal Prep

  • Master-Dent RC Lube Root Canal Prep Cream (12g Syringe)

    Master-Dent RC Lube is an effective, water soluble, viscous solution for lubricating root canal preparations, allowing efficient movement of reamers and files, rapid cleansing and deeper penetration of medicaments during root canal preparation.

  • Prime-Dent Dental Root Canal Cream Endodontic Prep (2 x 9g Syringe Kit)

    RC-Cream – Root Canal Preparation Cream, Syringe Kit: 2 – 9 Gm. Syringes. For Chemo-Mechanical Preparation. RC-Cream is a unique formulation of glycol, urea peroxide and EDTA in a special water-soluble base for preparation of root canals. Provides rapid cleansing and deeper penetration of root canal medications.

    RC-Cream is a gel for chemical mechanical expansion of channels based on 15% EDTA and 10% peroxide, which not only facilitates the dentist’s cleaning and root canal formation, but also releases an active oxygen atom, showing an improved antibacterial effect and promotes bleaching of the root wall channel.