Parkell Turbo Sensor Ultrasonic Scaler +1 Cavitron Tip


Parkell Turbo Sensor Ultrasonic Scaler +1 Cavitron Tip

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The Parkell TurboSENSOR is an autotune magnetostrictive ultrasonic tooth scaler that operates at either 25 KHz or 30 KHz. The TurboSENSOR automatically detects whether the handpiece contains a 25 KHz or 30 KHz insert, and switches to the correct operating frequency. The TurboSENSOR has an expanded low-power range to improve patient comfort during debridement, and a powerboosting, user-controlled Turbo feature to increase scaling power when needed for heavy deposits.

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  • Powers 25 kHz or 30 kHz Parkell or other compatible insert
  • Automatically switches frequency to match insert
  • External water filter prevents clogs and drips
  • Autoclavable handpiece sheaths
  • Foot-controlled Turbo power boost
  • Expanded low-power “Perio” mode
  • Five Years Manufacturer Warranty

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