Tokuyama America OMNICHROMA One-Shade Universal Composite Syringe


Tokuyama America OMNICHROMA One-Shade Universal Composite Syringe

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1 Shade to Match All Patients!

The see-it-to-believe-it technology that’s going to change the art of shade matching for good. OMNICHROMA gives you a single shade of composite that’s clinically proven to match the color of any tooth.

  • Exceptional color matching
  • High polishability
  • Excellent physical-mechanical properties

Contains: 4g/syringe

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A week in the life of a dental professional adds up quickly.
1,440 teeth. 45 smiles. 23 caries.

OMNICHROMA simplifies each day. Innovated to color-match like you’ve never seen before, our unique dental composite is the first formula ever to match any smile from A1 to D4 in just one application.

The Science of Tooth Color

All smiles have something in common, and that is the colors that make up human teeth shades. From A1 to D4, all shades of teeth express a narrow range of red-to-yellow color.
To match every smile, most composite brands require multiple shades. That’s because most composites today depend on the color of red and yellow dyes added to the resin material to emulate tooth shades. This means that dentists must keep a large inventory of different composites to accommodate a variety of patients.

Structural Color

Structural color occurs when different wavelengths of light are amplified or weakened by the structure of a material itself, expressing colors other than what the material may actually be. From morpho butterflies to peacocks, some of the rarest and most beautiful colors in nature are the result of structural color.

Smart Chromatic Technology

Through the utilization of Tokuyama’s spherical fillers and Smart Chromatic Technology, OMNICHROMA is the first use of structural color in composite dentistry.

OMNICHROMA’s structural color mechanism is made possible by the precise shape and size of the filler within the composite. The 260nm identical spherical fillers of OMNICHROMA are the perfect size and shape to produce the effects of structural color to match the surrounding tooth color.

OMNICHROMA Fillers generate red-to-yellow structural color as ambient light passes through the composite, without the need of added pigments and dyes. The red-to-yellow color combines with the reflected color of the patient’s surrounding dentition, creating the perfect match from A1 to D4 and beyond.


  • The compressive strength and the flexural strength of OMNICHROMA are of average or higher levels among commercially available resin composites, ensuring clinically acceptable results.
  • Exhibits an excellent balance between volume loss of the composite resin and wear of the human tooth. It is a composite resin that is less likely to abrade opposing teeth while not easily becoming abraded itself.
  • In polishability tests, OMNICHROMA is shown to produce extremely high gloss
  • The extent of staining for OMNICHROMA was relatively low among commercially available resin composites

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