Star Dental Titan T Motor 5K RPM Lubefree Low-Speed Handpiece Motor

Star Dental Titan T Motor 5K RPM Lubefree Low-Speed Handpiece Motor



The most innovative handpieces for today’s modern dental practice.

The lightweight titanium low-speed system by StarDental, the Titan-T, features a smooth powerful air driven motor with superior concentric cutting performance and incredible versatility. The solid titanium motor and attachment housings result in a handpiece weighing as much as 25% less than most other low-speed systems. This dramatically decreases operator hand and wrist fatigue. The high corrosion resistance inherent to titanium allows for years of heat sterilization without the damaging effects associated with other metals.

Titanium Construction: 25% weight reduction provides greatertactile response and reduced hand andwrist fatigue. Superior strength andcorrosion-resistance of titanium provento better withstand the damaging effectsof heat sterilization.

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  • System Flexibility – 100-20,000 RPM range capability, requiring only a minimum of attachments to meet a variety of procedural needs.
  • LubeFree System – All motors, attachments and contra-angles are available LubeFree.
  • 360° Quick Connect Swivel – Reduces tubing drag for optimum operator comfort, and enables quick disconnection of the handpiece for sterilization.
  • Better Performance Under Load (Torque) – Less likely to stall under higher torque requirements than other low-speed motors.
  • Chairside Repairable Angles – Minimizes operator downtime and reduces costs relative to other handpieces.
  • Steam Sterilization – Safeguards operator and patient from cross-contamination.

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