Star Dental Titan 5K RPM Lube free Low-Speed Handpiece Motor

Star Dental Titan 5K RPM Lube free Low-Speed Handpiece Motor



Titan 3 air motors connect with Titan 3 attachments to perform a variety of dental procedures. This system offers a variety of speed and torque ranges featuring durability, economy, operator comfort and easy chair-side maintenance. The 360 degree swivel provides operator comfort and quick disconnection of handpiece from tubing. 5,000 rpm with custom attachments and precision angles.


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  • System Flexibility – 100-20,000 RPM range capability, requiring only a minimum of attachments to meet a variety of procedural needs.
  • LubeFree System – All motors, attachments and contra-angles are available LubeFree.
  • (Lubricated angles are also available.) Reduces maintenance time and the high cost of repeated lubrication.
  • No residual lubricant expelled into oral cavity, reducing bond strength.
  • No contaminated aerosol release during purging of lubricant.
  • Saves time and money by removing the hidden costs associated with lubricating.
  • 360° Quick Connect Swivel – Reduces tubing drag for optimum operator comfort, and enables quick disconnection of the handpiece for sterilization.
  • Better Performance Under Load (Torque) – Less likely to stall under higher torque requirements than other low-speed motors.
  • Chairside Repairable Angles – Minimizes operator downtime and reduces costs relative to other handpieces.
  • Steam Sterilization – Safeguards operator and patient from cross-contamination.

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