TECHWEST INC – Large facility air compressor


TECHWEST INC – Large facility air compressor

Tech West large facility air compressors lead the industry in design, quality and performance providing clean, oil free, dry air to the dental office. Compressors have energy efficient motors, totally enclosed OSHA approved fan guard, magnetic motor starters with overload protection, discharge air coalescing filters and regulator. The large facility compressors come with refrigerant air dryers. All compressors are wired for 24V remote switching and are ready for installation. Tech West will provide technical assistance with plumbing and electrical needs upon request.



  • Dryer bypass valves.
  • Finned cylinder and cylinder heads.
  • Drive pulleys.
  • Special designed flywheel supplies high volume airflow.
  • All compressors are wired for low voltage.
  • Crankcase lubrication level indicator.
  • All compressor tanks are epoxy coated on the inside to meet ASME standards.


  • Provides uninterrupted service during compressor maintenance.
  • Provides even heat dissipation of the heads.
  • Dynamically balanced to maximize smooth running conditions.
  • Cools cylinders and heads.
  • Allows use of 24V remote switching.
  • Easy to see the amount and condition of the oil.
  • To prevent rust and corrosion damage to the tanks.

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