Takara Belmont Quolis Q5000 Dental Chair

Takara Belmont Quolis Q5000 Dental Chair

The Quolis Q5000 dental chair has a sleek and fluid appearance that brings a unique sophistication to any operatory. An intuitive seat-positioning system gently glides patients into treatment position while its thin and narrow backrest design allows doctors and assistants to work comfortably and efficiently.


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Chair Ergonomics
With a thin and narrow backrest, operators gain superb access to each patient, resulting in a better working posture and a more comfortable working experience. With its contoured shape, the dual axis headrest cradles the occipital bone and permits operators to tilt the patient’s head forward and back, for greater access to the upper and lower arches.

Shockless Movement
The shock-less hydraulic system gently maneuvers seated patients, for smoother transitions between treatment positions.

Smooth Performance
Patient comfort is enhanced by the synchronous backrest recline mechanism, which simulates natural body movement and seamlessly supports the patient while the backrest is in motion.

Patient Access
Integrated armrest touchpads enable east access to patient seat positioning adjustments from doctors and assistants side of the chair. In addition, armrest swing outward 130° to create a wider entry and exit area for patient convenience.

Quolis J-Box
Contoured J-box comes standard, providing a streamlined appearance and clutter-free option of connecting delivery systems to Q5000 chairs.

Q5000 chair delivers comfort to patients from the moment they are seated. The chair utilizes a mechanism that provides synchronization of the backrest and seat motion. Patients will not need to reposition, as they are supported comfortably during movement into the reclined position.


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