Sultan Healthcare Genie Bite Registration Material


Sultan Healthcare Genie Bite Registration Material

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  • Final hardness: Shore 90+
  • Minty flavor
  • Fast and easy to trim
  • Work time, Fast: 45 seconds
  • Work time, Super Fast: 30 seconds
  • Elastic Recovery >99%
  • Baby blue color for easy visibility


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Genie™ Bite Registration Material starts off with a light, fluffy consistency that stays where you put it without slumping. Once set, it becomes rock-hard, thus capturing detail without compressing or flexing during model mounting. Genie Bite sets in just 60 seconds for the Super Fast setting, and the Fast setting sets in 90 seconds. It is ideal as a quick die for temporary inlays and onlays, and the dual port cartridge prevents clogs and cross-contamination between the base and the catalyst.


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