Redland Small Upper Impression Trays #5 (12pcs)

Redland Small Upper Impression Trays #5 (12pcs)


  • 12 per Bag
  • Perforated, Disposable, Pre-Shaped Trays
  • Easily Trimmed or Flame Softened to Adjust for a Custom Fit
  • Non-Slip Grips Offer Easy, Clean Removal
  • Made of a Strong, Rigid Material that Aids in the Generation of Consistent, Distortion-free Impressions
  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Impression Materials


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Redland Dental Products Small Upper Impression Trays are made of a strong, rigid material that aids in the generation of consistent, distortion-free impressions. Compatible with a wide range of impression materials, trays offer a system of holes and perforations to optimize flow and retention of materials. New, Unopened Package.


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