Shofu BeautiSealant Pit & Fissure Sealant System Kit


Shofu BeautiSealant Pit & Fissure Sealant System Kit

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1.2g BeautiSealant paste, 3ml BeautiSealant primer, 15 needle tips, 50 microbrushes, 25 V-Dishes


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BeautiSealant is a tooth colored, fluoride recharging, pit and fissure sealant with a self-etching primer that speeds treatment time by eliminating the need for phosphoric acid etching. Using an advanced, self-etching primer, BeautiSealant helps preserve healthy enamel that is easily demineralized with harsh acid-etchants, while still maintaining superior bond strength. Seeping deeply into pits and fissures, our HEMA-free primer bonds equally to enamel or dentin preparing the tooth surface for a secure and long-lasting bond. Providing flawless handling characteristics, both the viscosity and the syringe design contribute to a smooth, bubble free consistency, and reduce the common issue of overfilling. Unlike many competitors, BeautiSealant is also highly radiopaque offering clear visibility at follow-up. As the newest member of the GIOMER family, BeautiSealant is filled with Shofu’s proprietary Surface Pre-Reacted Glass (S-PRG) with proven cariostatic properties, acid neutralization, and plaque inhibition.

BeautiSealant – Fluoride Releasing Pit and Fissure Sealant System

  • No phosphoric acid required
  • Ideal handling & viscosity
  • Radiopacity equal to dentin
  • Unique cariostatic properties
  • of S-PRG fillers
  • Superior bond strength versus leading competitors
  • BPA- and HEMA-free


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