Shofu BeautiCem SA Auto-Mix Clear Resin Cement


Shofu BeautiCem SA Auto-Mix Clear Resin Cement

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PN 3213 • BeautiCem SA Auto-Mix Clear
5mL paste, 10 mixer tips & step card


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BeautiCem SA is a self-etch, self-adhesive, dual-cure resin cement incorporating Shofu’s proprietary “Giomer” filler technology. High bond values across all substrates provide piece-of-mind for all of your cementation needs. A quick two-second flash-cure provides easy marginal clean-up. The low 12µm film-thickness allows extra space in tight-fit situations and nearly undetectable margins. The addition of Giomer technology offers well-documented bioactive properties serving to remineralize and protect tooth structure.

  • Self-etching, self-adhesive resin cement
  • No primer required for all substrates (except porcelain)
  • Auto-mixing syringe eliminates hand mixing
  • Dual cure for easy cleanup
  • High Radiopacity
  • Low film thickness (12μm)


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