SDS 1655 Cuspidor for 9000PB Packages

SDS 1655 Cuspidor for 9000PB Packages

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Meticulously designed, the 1655 cuspidor can only be paired with the top of the line 1455 4HP unit and 9000PB chair. The 1655 Cuspidor features a one-piece porcelain bowl housing that resists staining and chipping and offers a unique quick-release that allows for easy cleaning and servicing. In addition, the 1655 Cuspidor provides a timed bowl rinse and manual cup fill with quick-disconnecting spouts for easy cleaning. The integrated post mounted junction boxes include self-contained water bottle system with city/bottle selection switch, water quick-disconnect with flow control for auxiliary water applications and conveniently located solids collector.

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Product Features and Specs

  • One-Piece Porcelain Bowl
  • Break-Away Bowl with Shut-Off Switch
  • Cup Fill and Timed Bowl Rinse
  • SE & HVE
  • 3-way Syringe
  • Air Quick Disconnect
  • Water Quick Disconnect
  • WS-12 Water Bottle System with City/Bottle Switch

Note: May only be paired with the 1455 Unit and 9000PB chair

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