SDI ICE Complet Refills Anterior Posterior Nano Hybrid Composite (0.25g x 20 Shades)

SDI ICE Complet Refills Anterior Posterior Nano Hybrid Composite (0.25g x 20 Shades)

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Non-stick handling:
Ice’s non-stick handling facilitates the placement of anterior and posterior restorations. Ice does not slump or pull back on the instrument. Ice’s firm packable handling ensures tight contacts.


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Natural Fluorescense

Ice contains a fluorescent agent that ensures perfectly natural looking teeth under UV lights.

A nanometer is 1/1000 of a micron. Nanomers assist in the long term polishability of a composite resin. Hybrid technology enables a high filler loading for increased strength. Ice has a good blend of both nanotechnology and hybrid technology for the ideal anterior/posterior composite.

Colour Stability

‘Maintaing a shade match to the tooth overtime is important for clinical success. Optical properties of resin composites change with time, especially related to surface degradation and chemical reaction of the tertiary amine accelerator’ (1). Ice is the least affected by accelerated aging.

Low shrinkage

Ice exhibits the lowest polymerization shrinkage. Utilizing longer resin chains with fewer monomer links, Ice has a very low shrinkage. Lower shrinkage minimizes sensitivity and microleakage; an effective seal against microleakage decreases the potential for secondary caries development.


Ice’s translucency allows light to pass through, assists in blending between the composite shade and the tooth, and allows compensation for minor errors in shade selection. The lower the opacity level, the more translucent and natural looking is the restoration. Ice is very translucent. It reflects the surrounding teeth to ensure seemless match.

Compressive strength

A high compressive strength enhances longevity of a composite by withstanding mastication forces. Ice’s optimum filler level maximizes strength.

High filler level

Ice’s excellent wear profile is due to its strontium glass filler type and high filler loading.


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A1 (SDI-8450001), A2 (SDI-8450002), A3 (SDI-8450003), A3.5 (SDI-8450004), B1 (SDI-8450006)

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