Prime Intraoral X-Ray Machine

Prime Intraoral X-Ray Machine

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2 Year Manufacture Warranty!

  • Remote control system from 10-20 feet distance against any type of obstacles.
  • Exposure time can be set by soft touch buttons.
  • Automatic power cut-off at low/high voltage for the safety of X-Ray tube.
  • RVG compatible.
  • Exposure times from 0.01 Sec to 5 Sec.
  • Scissor arm option available.
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Prime Intra Oral X Ray is a traditional dental X-ray equipment designed to face the most demanding needs of the dental profession both when using traditional films and digital imaging receptor. Main feature of system is the great energy offering obtained by combining the voltage potential of 70 kVp and 60 kVp the anodic current of 8 mA.


The possible selections of technical parameters satisfy all the needs of both dental offices using traditional films with chemical processing as well as those equipped with low-radiation-dose digital sensors.

The small focal spot, the beam limiting device with effective near focus collimation, and the penetration power of a 70 kVp and 60 kVp radiation beam make the best combination of which grant sharp images with good radiographic contrast for optimal detail perception.

Depending on selected configuration, features such as grid control action and compensation of mains fluctuations assure consistent film blackening in a wide range of operating conditions, thus granting high diagnostic quality at first time (less retakes). Available configurations include wall or unit mounted solutions and mobile.


The scissor arm permits the location of the tube head different positions, according to the usual practice requirements, horizontal extension arms are standard 16 inch length, allowing all possible reach positions. The mobile version comes with only a simple scissor extension arm 45 inch long.


The control panel is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled digital timer, two men merely selective exposure time, the automatic selection allows the operator from choosing among 15 preset time, according to the patient type(large adult, medium built, and child), and the zone to be expose. It also admits the selection of the radiographic type (digital or conventional). The preprogrammed times can be adjusted by the user, according to the film type and development process.

Tube Head

Image quality, performance, reliability, and affordability… leave it to Prime Intra Oral X Ray to create a intraoral system with you in mind. The Prime Intra Oral X Ray incorporates the features you are looking for: the most commonly-used imaging mode; a simple, three-step process; and a sleek, compact body design that’s built for long life. With the Prime Intra Oral X Ray system, you get exactly what your practice needs for diagnostic efficiency and improved office productivity — great-looking images at a competitive price.

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