Premier Simple Stem Mirror Handle Round High Quality

Premier Simple Stem Mirror Handle Round High Quality


The Big Easy collection of instruments by Premier Dental features ergonomic, comfortable handles with thicker, softer grips. The superior control and prevention of repetitive-movement-injuries by Big Easy earned its place as a Dental Advisor Preferred Product.


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Big Easy Ultralite Handle features advanced technology in its polymer handle with medical-grade silicone cushion grips; you’ll begin to wish your pens and pencils were this comfortable! The Big Easy Hollow Handle is made of lightweight, stainless steel under the silicone cushion grip for improved tactile sensitivity and outstanding durability. Both are autoclavable, and will not crack during the cleaning.

Big Easy Ultrasonic Inserts are ergonomically designed with a large, 7/16″ diameter for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. They are precision-engineered for extended wear, and are compatible with all magnetostrictive handpieces.

Manufacturer Code: 1003581

Brand: Premier

Style: Simple Stem Mirror Handle

Includes: Premier Simple Stem Mirror Handle Round High Quality


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