Bonart Piezoelectric Built in Scaler ART-PB3


Bonart Piezoelectric Built in Scaler ART-PB3

$549.00 $375.00


The ART-PB3 piezoelectric scaler is our only built-in piezo scaler designed for those that wish to install a scaler to a dental chair or unit. The ART-PB3 features a 2”x3” LCD screen.

SKU: BON-ART-PB3-0-ARBS-00-40-D Manufacture:
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  • Included Parts and Accessories:
    • PC Board
    • LCD display screen
    • VR Switch set
    • Hand Piece
    • Hand piece cable
    • Metal wrench
    • TP0102-042: BS-1 universal pointed tip (x2)
    • TP0102-032: BS-2 flat chisel tip
    • TP0102-022: BS-3 rounded flat tip

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