Parkell TriPhasix Alginate Package (2 x 5lb Containers)


Parkell TriPhasix Alginate Package (2 x 5lb Containers)

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All the features you want in a quality alginate for so much less.


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TriPhasix is a superb alginate. Its micro-fine particles create a smooth, glass-like surface that captures exquisite detail as small as 50 microns. A TriPhasix impression is noticeably denser too, for greater dimensional stability, and resistance to desiccation distortion. You can delay pouring for several hours and still get an accurate model. (In fact, when it’s packed in a hermetically sealed container, a TriPhasix impression will maintain accuracy for several days.)

For ease of use, as you mix TriPhasix, the color shifts from deep pink to light pink. When the tray is ready to seat in the mouth, the material turns white, taking the guesswork out of preparation. And your patients will love the pleasant French Vanilla flavor.

Features & Benefits:

  • Delivers a super-smooth impression.
  • Captures minute detail as small as 50 microns.
  • Convenient color-changing formula.
  • Noticeably denser for greater dimensional stability.
  • Pleasant French Vanilla flavor.
  • Costs much less than other popular brands.

Includes: 2 Complete containers & 2 Extra sets of mixing scoops


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