J Mortia AdvErL EVO Advanced Er:YAG Laser Technology

J Mortia AdvErL EVO Advanced Er:YAG Laser Technology

Morita’s AdvErL EVO, an Er:YAG laser, combines a stylish design with all the essential features of a laser treatment unit. Versatile, this unit offers a wide variety of tip options and may be used on both hard and soft tissue.

AdvErL EVO is ideal for periodontology. Most notably, this unit has been studied and recognized clinically for the effective treatment of Peri-implantitis, a challenging disease leading to bone loss around an implant. With use of AdvErL EVO, a method has been found to regenerate tissue and permanently remove bacteria with a low-heat treatment process.

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Virtually painless – The wavelength of the Er:YAG laser is most suitable for dental treatments, because it is readily absorbed by water.

Reduced trauma for biological tissues – Unlike CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers, vaporization is concentrated at the surface of the tissue so the energy does not penetrate and damage deeper layers of tissue.

Applications for hard and soft tissue – Versatile, AdvErL EVO can be used for both hard and soft tissue treatments.

Ideal for periodontology – AdvErL EVO is ideal for periodontal treatment. As an Er:YAG laser, the wavelength is readily absorbed by water.

Innovative laser tips – AdvErL EVO tips are unique in design. Water and air supply are integrated into the tip where the laser beam is transmitted and emitted. This feature.

Easy to use – The display of AdvErL EVO is large, easy to read, and has an intuitive design. All settings can be easily confirmed at a glance.

Excellent access with unique handpiece design – The AdvErL EVO handpiece is designed similar to a scaler handpiece and therefore offers better access and a direct view to the preparation area – a unique feature of Morita.

Adjustable handpiece hanger – The hanger is attached to the unit with a magnet so that it remains secure. The position of the handpiece hanger can be adjusted to suit the individual dentist.

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