Genie VPS Impression Material Cartridge 50ml


Genie VPS Impression Material Cartridge 50ml

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Genie is chemically engineered to produce remarkably detailed and precise impressions every time you use it, no matter which technique you use.


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Genie is available in a full range of wash and tray materials – five viscosity and two set time – that perform like magic.

  • Ultra Hydrophilic chemistry provides better results in a wet oral environment
  • Two set times: 2:10 for Rapid Set, 4:30 for Standard Set.
  • Exceeds ISO 4380 standards for consistency, strain in compression, and detail reproduction
  • Excellent flow characteristics under pressure for better surface coverage
  • Exceptional batch-to-batch consistency for predictable results every time
  • Clean and easy dispensing from Type 50 dispenser gun
  • Berry flavored to make patients happy


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Light Body Rapid Set, Light Body Standard Set, Heavy Body Rapid Set, Heavy Body Standard Set, Regular Body Rapid Set


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