GoodDrs Inspire Intraoral Camera w/ Carries Detector


GoodDrs Inspire Intraoral Camera w/ Carries Detector

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2 Year Warranty!

Wired 5 MP camera, Macro to infinity autofocus, built-in mouse, Caries detection, Transilluminator, w/ Metal body.


SKU: GOO-IC-WHMA90-1 Manufacture:
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Inspire Features:

  • Camera provides more than 1 way to detect intraoral diseases 
    3 in 1 feature: Dental camera, Transillumination, and Flourescent technology all in one device.
  • Seamless treatment
    User can use all the device functions of an intraoral camera, transillumination,
    and flourescent seamlessly by simple key press without stopping treatment.
  • Able to select appropriate disease detection mode
    User can take a single image or multiple images at once depended
    upon the mode they choose.
  • Macro to infinity
    Camera is able to focus from macro mode (close) to infinity that includes a full arch and face shot.
  • Auto-focus
    Camera is able to focus in any position not only inside of oral cavity but also full arch and face shot.
  • FHD image support
    The device shows FHD (1080p) in live image supported by a 5M sensor.
  • Black & White function
    Capture and save small X-ray film image to PC

Includes: Inspire (5MP) IO & EO Camera w/ 3-in-1 Caries Detector, Transilluminator, USB cable, Cradle, Disosable cover (x 200 pcs)


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