Genoray PORTVIEW Digital Intra-Oral Sensor


Genoray PORTVIEW Digital Intra-Oral Sensor



Digital Intra-Oral Sensor

  • High end CMOS Resolution
  • High Resolution, Clear Image
  • Ergonomic
  • Reliable

Noise reduction technology!


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Industry Leading Contrast Resolution:

  • Best at the Penny Test Industry Leading Spartial Resolution
  • 9 micron pixel size Less Graininess
  • Cleanest image on the market

High quality imaging

  • Protected against fluids and contaminants

Smart compatibility

  • Automatic electronic gain control allows wide range of X-ray compatibility.

Clear images

  • 19 micron pixel provides outstanding images.

Long battery life

  • High performance X-ray conversion layers for qualified images.

Rounded Corners

  • provides comfort to patient.

Easy plug sensor

  • Easy plug sensor directly to PC.

Proactive maintenance service by latest IoT Technology

  • Proactive customer service, GMS(Genoray Management System) provides real-time service through equipment status checks and immediate response to errors from a service team


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