Genoray Papaya 3D Tomography Limited Field X-Ray System

Genoray Papaya 3D Tomography Limited Field X-Ray System

Diagnostic computed tomography limited field X-ray system

-3D CT, Panorama
-Multi-FOV Selection (4×5, 14×14)
-Open Positioning (Face to face)
-Multi Focus
-70um Resolution ENDO Mode



Stable patient positioning
  • 3 laser guides make patient positioning easily. Outsanding adjustment can lessen artefacts for favorable diagnosis.
Open Positioning (Face to face)
  • Easy positioning with open-face architecture. It makes calm experience for patients without claustrophobic feelings.
Folding Structure
  • The foldable structure and light weight applied to all papaya series enable fast and easy installation.
Multi Focus
  • Users can browse between panoramic images and select the most suitable one for diagnosis.
70um Resolution ENDO Mode
  • Smallest FOV includes also endo resolution (75µm) to offer accuracy needed in endodontics. The new imaging mode is ideal for endodontics and other cases with small anatomical details, such as ears. More detail, More confidence 70um resolution @4x5CM
Various Panoramic Program
  • PAPAYA supports 8 panoramic programs including Standard, orthogonal bitewing, TMJ lateral, TMJ PA, TMJ LAT-PA, Sinus lateral (Mid). Child panoramic and partial arch scans are available to allow patient dose reduction.
  • With PAPAYA 3D, the FOV location can be controlled easily and accurately. The capability to alter the FOV height or width can be smoothly accomplished with the PAPAYA OP. PAPAYA OP interface offers two-dimensional scout images prior to the actual CBCT examination enabling the verification of exact FOV location with the ability to adjust the location and size if needed.
Model Scanning
  • PAPAYA 3D (+) is able to scan both impressions and plaster casts and with our advanced latest Triana software, the digitised models by STL format are available immediately and stored for later use which reduces the need to make or maintain physical plaster casts.
5 Versatile FOV Selection
  • The PAPAYA3D (+) users greatly benefit from versatile selection of volumes and available resolutions, as well as the precise and free positioning of the volume. PAPAYA 3D(+) truly gives the possibility to choose the smallest possible volume along with the appropriate resolution based on the indication.
Share your images with ease (CDSEE, DICOM 3.0)
  • Image data is in DICOM® format, supporting open software architecture. Freedom to choose the most suitable software solution for your needs
Proactive maintenance service by latest IoT Technology
  • Proactive customer service, GMS(Genoray Management System) provides real-time service through equipment status checks and immediate response to errors from a service team

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