GC America Fuji IX GP Fast Capsules Glass Ionomer A2 (48ct)


GC America Fuji IX GP Fast Capsules Glass Ionomer A2 (48ct)

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GC Fuji IX GP FAST is the fast setting version of GC Fuji IX GP, a strong, wear-resistant multipurpose glass ionomer restorative. This product achieves its initial set in only 3 minutes and 35 seconds after mixing; final finishing can begin in only 3 minutes after placement. It’s non-sticky, dough-like consistency and simple placement technique make minimally invasive restorations a snap. It possesses all the benefits of a glass ionomer, with the additional advantages of packability and handling ease. The encapsulated GC Fuji IX GP FAST is available in 5 Vita® Shades.

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  • Advanced glass ionomer
    • Self-adhesion to tooth structure
    • Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion to maintain the marginal seal
    • Thermal insulation
    • Biocompatible
    • Stronger, harder, wear-resistant and less soluble than the previous generations
    • Allows for a wide range of applications
    • Can be bulk-filled for increased simplicity of placement
    • Ideal alternative to amalgam, composite and compomer for geriatric and pediatric applications
    • Reduces the chance of washout
    • Increases the durability of the restoration
  • Sustained, rechargeable fluoride release
    • Reduces the propensity for secondary caries
    • Fluoride release is recharged when the patient uses a fluoridated rinse or dentifrice
  • Radiopaque
    • Facilitates oral diagnosis
  • Convenient, premeasured capsules offered in 5 Vita® Shades
    • Encapsulated material can be mixed and applied in less than 30 seconds
    • Improved shade matching


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