Tech West ECO-Star Amalgam Separator


Tech West ECO-Star Amalgam Separator

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Bio-Pure Promotion:
FREE: 6 oz. Restore Kit, + $25. Rebate Coupon + EPA Compliance Ap. w/ Amalgam Separator Purchase
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  • Designed to serve up to 10 chairs
  • Easy filtration of Amalgam, Mercury, Alloy and other waste particles
  • Long filter life
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The ECO-STAR Amalgam Separator boasts a high containment capacity for extended service and pump life, cutting-edge cyclonic design with rapid velocity and waste capture. There are less parts, reducing potential leak and failure points and a fully molded design offering a clear view of the system in action. ECO-STAR’s high efficiency cyclonic vacuum filtration solution leads the way in advanced vacuum filtration while also complying with the rigid amalgam separation requirement.

Bio-Pure Promotion:
FREE – 6 oz. Restore Kit, + $25. Rebate Coupon + EPA Compliance Ap. with Amalgam Separator Purchase  $399 Value.
*IMPORTANT “Restore” Your Suction – clean out your pipes before you Install your new Amalgam Separator, you’ll be glad you did… 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Bio-Pure Features & Benefits:

  • #1 Proprietary Microbial Formula
  • 24/7 Continuous Microbe Cleaning
  • No More – Trap Hand Cleaning
  • No More – Prophy Build-up & Sludge
  • No More – Slogging Down
  • 2020 ADA & EPA Amalgam Compliant pH 6-8
  • Recommended by Service Techs. & Manufactures
  • Recommended by Dental Advisor & Clinicians Report
  • Only $2.20 Per Op – Per Week
  • Truly Non-Foaming & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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