PureWay ECO II Amalgam Separator


PureWay ECO II Amalgam Separator

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Why the ECO II Amalgam Separator? The ECO II Amalgam Separator was engineered to be elegant, effective and simple. As the leading amalgam separator in Europe after 15 years of popularity there, the ECO II has recently taken the American market by storm as well. The ECO II is known for its compact, easy-to-use design that is ideal for dental offices requiring amalgam separation.


  • No disruptive vacuum loss! Engineered to ensure no loss of suction
  • Low cost, saving dentists hundreds of dollars compared to competing systems
  • Easy installation and automated recycling options
  • Online documentation and e-mail maintenance alerts
  • Flexibility to work with almost any vacuum system


  • ISO 11143 certified (exceeds ISO standards, achieving more than 99.3% filtration efficiency)
  • Pre-vacuum installation: up to 6 chairs and a tandem option for up to 12 chairs
  • Compact design: 8.7” x 8.7” x 13.8”
  • Works with wet and dry vacuums
  • Convenient installation
  • Easy replacement every 12 months or once full
  • Recycling certificates automatically sent to each office and available online 24/7
  • Made and engineered in Austria

Bio-Pure Promotion:
FREE – 6 oz. Restore Kit, + $25. Rebate Coupon + EPA Compliance Ap. with Amalgam Separator Purchase  $399 Value.
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  • #1 Proprietary Microbial Formula
  • 24/7 Continuous Microbe Cleaning
  • No More – Trap Hand Cleaning
  • No More – Prophy Build-up & Sludge
  • No More – Slogging Down
  • 2020 ADA & EPA Amalgam Compliant pH 6-8
  • Recommended by Service Techs. & Manufactures
  • Recommended by Dental Advisor & Clinicians Report
  • Only $2.20 Per Op – Per Week
  • Truly Non-Foaming & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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