Kulzer Flexitime Dynamix Speed Automatic Mixing Machine


Kulzer Flexitime Dynamix Speed Automatic Mixing Machine



The Dynamix speed system – Precision at the push of a button.


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When it comes to high-speed mixing, time-saving and simultaneously obtaining a consistent, void-free mixture, the decision is easily reached: Practical cartridges and the functional Dynamix speed mixer are perfectly matched in this well thought-out system featuring all the advantages of automatic mixing for impression materials.

Its efficiency lies in its speed.
  • With Dynamix speed, mixing is especially fast and dosing very precise, also with putty materials.
  • Dynamix speed is easy and safe to handle.
  • You save time and material.
  • You choose between three velocities – including a high-speed option.

Reliable in quality and precision
  • Homogeneous and void-free mixing leads to precisely fitting prosthetic restorations.
  • The material properties are always reproducible.
  • The mixing quality stays the same for consistent precise fitting and is user-independent.

Dynamix speed is compatible with all impression materials in Dynamix cartridges from Kulzer.

Includes: Kulzer Flexitime Dynamix Speed Automatic Mixing Machine


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