DXM Dentazon C-Warmer Anesthetic / Composite Cartridge Warmer

DXM Dentazon C-Warmer Anesthetic / Composite Cartridge Warmer



C-Warmer is designed to enhance both the doctors’ and the patients’ comforts. A thermostatically-controlled cartridge/composite warmer significantly reduces curing time with more flowability of composites and conveniently warms anesthetics and composites in one location. It also improves patient’s comfort by delivering the restorations at body temperature with “less injection pain.” Its user-friendly operation, compact size, and function will provide a significant impact on the everyday clinical routine.


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C-Warmer is a thermostatically-controlled cartridge/composite warmer with digital display that adjusts by 10C in range of 200C to 600C (680F~1400F). With C-Warmer Blue, it will significantly reduce curing time and warm composite materials quickly for doctors as well as improving patients comfort in delivering restorations at body temperature. It is able to warm different composite materials in just one device to be more convenient in usage. C-Warmer Blue’s large slot can fit composite syringe or composite dispenser of your choice.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple and ergonomic design
  • Reduces microleakage
  •  Change the viscosity, allowing quicker placement and ease of sculpting
  •  Recommended temperature setting for lidocaine : 37°C (body temperature) / composite : 40°C~45°C
  •  Heater is installed in the whole body of the unit letting the heat circulate throughout and warm anesthetics/composites thoroughly
  • Maintains constant temperature for all day use
  •  Warm-up time: 10 minutes
  •  Freely adjustable temperature with digital display between 30°C~59°C
  •  When power button is pressed shortly, temperature can be adjusted as Low 30°C-Medium 40°C-High 50°C

Includes: DXM Dentazon C-Warmer Anesthetic / Composite Cartridge Warmer

  • C-Warmer (Thermostat)
  • AC Cord (110V-240V)
  • Adapter (6V DC / 2.5A)


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