DMG America Luxatemp Fluorescence Smartmix Temporary Crown & Bridge

DMG America Luxatemp Fluorescence Smartmix Temporary Crown & Bridge

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Over 20 years ago, Luxatemp set the benchmark as the ultimate provisional material with its ability to make temporaries beautiful in all lighting conditions. Since then, DMG has produced tailor-made variations of the formula to meet the needs of the ever-changing marketplace.


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Luxatemp Fluorescence has superior aesthetics and unique handling that fits perfectly into the Luxatemp family, so that clinicians can confidently choose the best temporary material to fit their clinical needs. Luxatemp Fluorescence makes temporaries look as good as final restorations in all lighting conditions. It has a Bisacryl composition for durable temporary restorations and low shrinkage eliminates the need to remarginate and makes provisionals easy to remove. Its neutral taste and odor with no liquid monomers provide greater patient acceptance.

  • Produces lifelike provisionals
  • Provisionals look great in all lighting conditions
  • Provides durable temporary restorations
  • Excellent marginal adaptation, no need to remarginate
  • Provisional is easily removable
  • Negligible liner shrinkage during polymerization
  • More natural fluorescence
  • Durable and long-lasting provisionals
  • High hardness prevents wearing down of bridges; there are no perforations of the provisional
  • Reduces patient return visits’ saving time and money
  • Strong, abrasion resistant material
  • Convenient Smartmix systems simplify the mixing and the application process
  • Working Time: 45″
  • Intraoral Setting Time: 1′ 15″ – 2′ 15″


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15 Gm A2, 15 Gm B1, 15 Gm BLEACH LT

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