Dentsply Enhance Finishing System (Cup Refill Package)


Dentsply Enhance Finishing System (Cup Refill Package)

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You’re just a single step away from a smooth, contoured surface.

  • Fast, easy finishing
  • One component achieves both intermediate and final finishing
  • Won’t harm surrounding enamel
  • Over 25 years of proven clinical success

Includes: 40 Cups


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At Dentsply Sirona, our restorative solutions shine for dentists. With the Enhance Finishing System, you’ll find an easy, dependable and controllable method for achieving natural looking, high-gloss restorations. Surface roughness testing proves that the composite surface is smoother when Enhance Finishers are used after gross contouring with a bur. As pressure is applied, abrasive particles disengage from the Enhance cup, disc, or point to effectively buff the surface of the restoration. The result is a smooth, contoured surface that is pre-polished and thus more resistant to plaque retention and staining.

Enhance Finishers are available in 3 shapes to handle a variety of clinical applications:

  • Enhance Finishing Cups are ideal for cervical and proximal line angle areas as well as molar cusps
  • Enhance Finishing Points are ideal for posterior occlusal and concave lingual surfaces
  • Enhance Finishing Discs are ideal for facial surfaces and incisal edge contouring


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