DentLight DOE SE Kit

DentLight DOE SE Kit

Oral health is all about early detection and prevention.

  • Fluorescence and transillumination technology have been proven successful in identifying soft and hard tissue abnormalities.
  • DOE SE provides dentists an X-ray vision to easily identify abnormal tissue that might develop into oral cancer or dental caries through the contrast of green healthy fluorescence and dark abnormal tissue.
  • It is pleasant and fast with no need of rinsing the mouth.


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DOE SE system uses high power LED illumination and high contrast Fluorescence Viewer for oral exam beyond normal visualization capabilities.

  • Small, Cordless, and Reliable
  • Ease of access to detect unreacheable areas including the back throat, the cause of HPV virus induced cancer
  • No hair drier cooling fan noise
  • No need to rinse the mouth
  • Multi-wavellength LED illumination
  • Always ready without sleeping mode
  • Easy to document cases with office camera
  • Low recurring cost with disposable sleeves

Technology: DOE SE

DOE SE uses fluorescence imaging technology combining collimated high power LED beam and high contrast fluorescence viewer. This allows the most cost-effective implementation with easy access of oral cavity while achieving field of view large enough with symmetry images.

The product is designed with a high power violet LED that allows up to 4 inch working distance. The small light head enables intraoral access for easy detection in the back throat areas where HPV virus induced cancer develops.

Includes DOE exam wand, violet light head, fluorescence viewer, patient protection goggle, charging stand, power adapter, 100 barrier sleeves and DVD training guide together with office reference documentations. Optional Metal Storage and Carrying Case and upgradable FUSION light head are also available for expanded use of the device.

CDT Code: D0431


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