Bioviva Hemostatic Gauze Dressing (20pcs)


Bioviva Hemostatic Gauze Dressing (20pcs)

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  • Innovative soluble, sterile material made from regenerated cellulose
  • Ideal for extraction sites and surgical procedures
  • Upon contact with blood or fluid, rapidly transforms into viscous gel sealing wound voids and promoting clotting
  • Individually packaged


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Bioviva is an individually packaged, sterile, soluble, cellulose-based, bacteriostatic hemostatic gauze dressing made from oxidized, regenerated cellulose derived from plants.

Bioviva absorbs blood and immediately transforms into a viscous gel, sealing the extraction site, filling wound voids, seals capillary ends and activating the clotting system to assist the body to stop bleeding.

  • Pre-cut fabric that, once in contact with blood, turns into a clear viscous gel that fills wounds and activates the clotting system
  • Faster than Gelfoam, taking just 15 seconds vs. several minutes after contact to turn into a gel form
  • 100% natural. Derived from plants as opposed to Gelfoam which is animal  based
  • User-friendly – stays in place after packing. Gelfoam expands 2-3 times more than BioViva, falling out of the wound site and getting in the way of suturing

Packing: .75″ x .75″ 20 per Box


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