Bio-Pure Evacuation Complete Maintenance Cleaner (14oz)


Bio-Pure Evacuation Complete Maintenance Cleaner (14oz)

$97.50 $84.95

Bio-Pure Is GUARANTEED to restore vacuum line suction & eliminate daily trap cleaning! BIO-PURE HAS a Neutral pH (SAFE FOR AMALGAM SEPARATORS) AND ALL PUMP EQUIPEMENT. OUR PROPRIETARY MICROBIAL FORMULA IS 100% ALL NATURAL. Bio-Pure does the whole job and continues to clean between uses; chemicals just can’t do that. “GO GREEN”

4 Ops 2.5 Months


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  • Guaranteed to Improve Vacuum Line Suction
  • Eliminates Trap Hand Cleaning
  • Removes Prophy Paste Buildup
  • Has a Neutral pH & Cleans Between Uses
  • Non-Foaming Proprietary Formula – No Fillers
  • 100% All Natural & Safe
  • Weekly Cost $1.45 Per Operatory
  • No More Slogging Down During a Busy Day
  • ADA & EPA – Amalgam Compliant
  • Recommended by Leading Service Techs


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