Bien-Air Boralina Turbines High-Speed Handpiece

Bien-Air Boralina Turbines High-Speed Handpiece



  • Products Model: 1600373-001
  • Manufacturer: Bien-Air
  • OEM Model: 1600373-001, 1700200-001, 1700201-001
  • Warranty: 1 Year


SKU: BIE-1700200-001 Manufacture:
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Features & Benefits:

    The most precise locking and rotation drive technology in the world. Discover perfectly balanced instruments, with none of the drawbacks of imbalance or vibration.
    Bien-Air’s unique push-button insert and chuck locking mechanism. Light pressure is all that is needed. Bur changing is quick and comfortable. This mechanism guarantees firm yet precise locking.
    Freedom of movement for optimum working comfort. Thanks to its flexible and light rotating coupling, the Bien-Air turbine/hose combination will prove a pleasant work companion day in and day out.

Type: Turbine without light
Connection: Using 2-/3-way or 4-way Unifix quick-connect coupling, rotating 360°
Speed of rotation: 310,000 rpm
Recommended air pressure: 2.7 bar
Cooling: 1 separate air and water spray
Cleaning/Sterilization: Thermo washer disinfectable / Steam autoclave up to 135°C
Weight: 61g

Includes: Bien-Air Boralina Turbines High-Speed Handpiece


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