Beyes ApexPilot Apex Locator

Beyes ApexPilot Apex Locator



Battery: 3.7V/1000mAh
Adapter: ~100-220V , 50/60Hz , 0.25A
Consumption power: ≤0.6W
Screen: 3.5” TFT Wide angle of view LCD
Buzzer alert: The buzzer will alert when the endo file is less than 2.2 mm to the apex.


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Features & Benefits:

  • High resolution, wide angle of view LCD – the root canal changes can be clearly observed from different angles
  • Based on multiple frequency network impedance measurement technology, automatic calibrating ensures the measurements are accurate
  • Equipped with a high precision gyroscope – switch the display mode according to the state of display
  • Bluetooth wireless transmission – get rid of the long line
  • File clip, lip hook and touch probe can be autoclaved under high temperature and pressure, effectively avoiding cross-infection
  • Built-in, non-removable battery
  • Angle adjustable – easy to adjust the angle of view

Includes: Beyes ApexPilot Apex Locator


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