BDS 3 HP Automatic 2″ dia. Post Mount Over the Patient System S-3300

BDS 3 HP Automatic 2″ dia. Post Mount Over the Patient System S-3300

3 HP Automatic 2″ dia. Post Mount.
Doctor’s System with Pneumatic Brake Flex Arm.

BDS offers a variety of arm-mounted Over the Patient Delivery Systems. Our wide range of configurations include traditional three handpiece systems, a European style and simple hygiene controls. We have a configuration to suit any need, from a new operatory to replacement equipment.


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  • 3 handpiece automatic control
  • 3-way air/water syringe
  • Master on/off toggle with indicator
  • Pressure adjustment for each handpiece
  • Easy read pressure gauge
  • Non-retracting water coolant, adjustment & purge
  • Air coolant adjustment
  • Asepsis handpiece tubing
  • Stainless steel instrument tray, with non-slip pad
  • Asepsis flex-arm with pneumatic brake
  • Standard disc foot control
  • Utility center assembly with master valves & regulators
  • 7′ umbilical tubing


  • Delete utility center 144-018
  • Delete handpiece station with tubing
  • Additional handpiece station with tubing (dry only)
  • Additional umbilical tubing (per foot) 115-500S
  • Unit mount post, 40″ with bushing 146-203
  • Chair adapter (specify model of chair)
  • Silcryn™ tubing
  • Hepa Filter 119-027
  • Water Bottle Kits 110-004, 110-028
  • Handpiece Illumination System with Delay, 5 and 6 pin 115-713, 115-703

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