Accutron Axess Scavenging Circuits

Accutron Axess Scavenging Circuits


The slender and lightweight tubing of the Axess Scavenging Circuit goes hand-in-hand with the design of the Axess Low Profile Mask.


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Features & Benefits:

  • More comfortable for patients
  • Increases the clinician’s field of view
  • Allows clinician unobstructed access to the oral cavity
  • Minimizes drag and pull, so nasal mask stays in place
  • Not made from natural rubber latex

And…instead of the circuit’s tubing wrapping behind the patient’s head and the chair, the slender tubing wraps behind the patient’s ears and is secured by a slider under the chin.

Includes: Accutron Axess Scavenging Circuits


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In-line Vacuum Controller, Remote Flow System (RFS) and Accu-Vac, Extension Tube (tubing that extends the Axess Scavenging Circuit by 32"), Vacuum Gauge for Axess In-line Scavenging Circuit, RFS circuit tubing, In-line circuit tubing, Accessory Kit