A-Titan Vibraject Syringe w/ 1.5 Volt Batteries


A-Titan Vibraject Syringe w/ 1.5 Volt Batteries

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Blocks pain from injections VibraJect blocks pain from injections based on the Gate Control theory. The battery operated motor attaches to a conventional syringe causing the needle to vibrate. The high frequency vibration of the needle stimulates the nerve ending and blocks the transmission of pain feelings to the brain.


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VibraJect is effective for all types of injections including intraligamental, palatal and blocks. It is an easy and affordable way to simplify injections and improve the patient’s dental experience. The use of a topical anesthetic is not necessary when using VibraJect. The clinician attaches the clip bracket and motor to a conventional syringe and turns the motor on by twisting the knob on top of the motor. A normal injection technique is used. the clip bracket can be left attached to the syringe during autoclaving. The motor is easily removed from the clip bracket prior to autoclaving and can be wiped off with alcohol or other surface disinfectants. VibraJect comes with replaceable 1.5 volt batteries.

Includes: A-Titan Vibraject Syringe w/ 1.5 Volt Batteries


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