A-Titan Disposable Bone Collector (10Pcs)


A-Titan Disposable Bone Collector (10Pcs)

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Bone Collector. Disposable, Sterile, Pack of 10.

Stop wasting valuable bone. Here is a fast, easy, way to harvest valuable autogenous bone that can be used to correct small defects around dental implants and periodontal compromised teeth.


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The OTA Osseous Collector features a unique shut-off valve that allows you to shut off the suction so you don’t dry out the bone. Included with each collector is one filter, so you’ll have plenty of capacity for large implant cases. Just as important, because the unit is disposable, no cleaning is required. Your staff will love that! Osseous Collectors are extremely economical. The entire unit costs less than the filter alone for most metal collectors. The collectors are supplied sterile and sold in packs of 10. They are for single-patient use only and can not be re-sterilized or reused.

Includes: A-Titan Disposable Bone Collector (10Pcs)


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